Member's monthly meeting 28th July 2018 (Saturday) Monument Photography By Mr. Sunder Gurusamy

PSM is happy to announce the Program for July 2018 -- "Monument Photography" by our Life Member, Shri. Sunder Gurusamy. We are planning to have a Workshop (field trip to Kanchipuram) on the following day, 29th July 2018, where Mr. Sunder, will provide practical guidance and tips on the subject, at select temples in Kanchipuram.


Mr. Sunder Gurusamy

A hospitality graduate and an entrepreneur from Chennai. He was bitten by the shutterbug during his early age, his professional career in Chennai and in Australia helped him to become a serious amateur photographer with the help of the like minded company. His area of interest in photography includes nature, landscape, temples and heritage monuments. He is particularly fascinated and interested in documenting the Chola history, culture and architecture. He has a vast photographic collections of unique sculptures, Chola temples, paintings and monuments. His work revolves around various Govt agencies , NGO’s and Publication houses.

His work has been published in various news dailies across India and leading photography, travel and culture magazines, His extensive work of monuments has been published by the prestigious Marg publications in three different volumes, He specializes in panoramic photography using special tools and techniques. He also specializes in Multiple light source for macro and indoor photography.

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Member's monthly meeting 23rd June 2018 (Saturday) Streets and Stories: A Perspective By Mr. Bhaskar Kundu

PSM is happy to announce a presentation titled "Streets and Stories: a perspective" by Mr. Bhaskar Kundu for the month of June 2018. We have also planned for a street photo-walk session for members, with Mr. Bhaskar, the next morning - 24th June (Sunday) at Elliots beach from 06.00 to 08.30 hours. Meeting point will be announced at the PSM monthly meeting on 23rd.

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Member's monthly meeting 26th May 2018 (Saturday) Winged Beauties By Dr. R. Bhanumathi

PSM is happy to announce a presentation titled "Winged Beauties" by Dr. R. Bhanumathi for the month of May 2018.


Winged Beauties - By Dr R. Bhanumathi

Dr R. Bhanumathi is an eminent environmentalist, distinguished nature and wildlife educationist, promoter of the “Art of Puppetry” over the last three decades. A multifaceted personality involved in eclectic activities. Dr Bhanumathi, is the founder and Managing Trustee of Pavai Centre for Puppetry, Chennai, and a consultant for environmental education.
She has done her PhD in traditional shadow puppetry from Gandhigram Rural University, Tamil Nadu.

Her areas of specialisations are as follows

Documentation and monitoring of Eco- development projects in and around protected areas and wild life sanctuaries. Conducting nature orientation camps and field trips.
Communication skill training programmes through the art of puppetry for teachers, NGOs, students and others and handled various non formal educational projects in Indian and UAE.
Conducts HR training workshops for a number of corporate clients.

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